The Relevant Skill that School Teaches you

Why we shouldn’t fully dismiss school

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New generations are quickly realizing that school may not be for them — that there are new developments in the digital economy where it isn’t a necessity anymore.

There have been times where I, too, have regretted being in student loan debt, and for what? To be honest, the 9 skill niche certifications I have is what probably has landed me jobs — not my undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University.

Did I retain any real-life skills from college? 99% of my answer is no but 1% of my answer is yes.

There is one phrase that every student hates: “For your next assignment, we are going to do a group project.”

You can feel the dread, rumblings and heavy sighs throughout the classroom. Group projects are nothing new to any of us, it’s almost drilled into our heads from grade school onwards.

Group projects require EXTRA coordination between people that you wouldn’t normally hang out with (which makes it so much worse). There’s always that one person who never shows up or does what they are assigned and the one who takes complete control of the group because they are paranoid if they don’t, the project won’t get completed.

Although we feel immense annoyance, disappointment or contempt at the time, the lessons that we learn from this process are something that we retain life-long.

Adult-life is just a series of group projects.

In Career
Regardless of the career path that we decide to take whether it’s entrepreneurship, corporate junkies, executives, or influencers we must learn to work with other people regardless of whether we like them or not.

Daily, we meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds, personalities and mentalities. Although we may not like these people or hang out with them normally, we must learn to get along, collaborate and work together — especially if we are on the same project and all want to see a successful implementation.

In school it’s called group projects, in work-life it’s called collaboration.

In Relationships
We cannot build relationships with each other without compromise.

At times, we hold our friends, family and lovers at a high expectation. Sometimes those expectations are met, and sometimes they aren’t. Similarly, this is a group dynamic we learn young. We want everyone to do the same amount of work in a group project, but it’s just not going to happen.

Learning how to compromise early on level-sets us for what’s to come with our evolving relationships between friends, family and lovers.

In Life
We realize that to better ourselves and become more self-aware, we must learn to empathize with others. Empathy helps to remove judgement and our pre-notions about other people. When we unnecessarily jump to conclusions without understanding the other person’s perspective it builds anger, impatience, grudges and negativity within us which is not good for our mental, emotional and physical health.

I can remember at least one time when a person didn’t show to up to a group project and I immediately deemed them as undependable… when really, they were just going through their own personal issues.

Though this is not always the case with the “no-show” in a group project, it taught me that I shouldn’t write someone off without understanding what’s really going on with them.

Lastly, a life-lesson that has stuck with me is that we must be our own independent heroes and learn to depend on ourselves first to achieve fulfillment, satisfaction, and maintain healthy relationships.

I help you release stress, struggle, anxiety & trauma and welcome in more flow, ease & surrender through the power of breath. Instagram: @karishmadonde_

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