Everyone is creative & the more creativity we cultivate within ourselves the more it keeps coming to us

Most of my life I believed that I wasn’t a creative. I was depressed because of it.

I played piano for 8 years, but I hated it. I badly wanted to be a singer, poet, or dancer but it wasn’t my “talent”.

It made me wonder.. how did Albert Einstein & Darwin get the nicknames “creative genius” when, although their works were groundbreaking, were not related to art?

Creativity goes beyond the arts.

Somewhere along the generations, the true meaning of creativity got lost and most are taught to not think outside of the box.

In fact, Dr. George Land, a famous speaker, consultant and general systems scientist believes that our non-creative behavior is learned and that the longer an individual is subjected to the educational system, the lower their creative potential.

For 7 years, I was under the impression that my career in Information Technology was stiflingly boring, mundane and suffocating… but then I was exposed to a small innovation team run by my boss at the time where my creativity, excitement and juices started to flow!

I was introduced to concepts like Design Thinking and thought, “wow I really need to show others how to unleash their creative potential (even if they work in corporate)”

Yes, I read books like Creative Confidence and even explored case studies like the 4C model by James Kaufman…but, it’s here that I found a true & tried working model that helps me to get out of ANY creative funk.

While the steps that I am going to outline for you below describe that of “corporate stuckness” this is applicable to any place in your life where you have the same feelings I did: boredom, procrastination, suffocation, etc.

So let’s get to it!

First, let’s change your mindset around what creativity REALLY is:

“Creativity is inherent in learning. Any time one attempts a new task, there is a level of creativity involved.” — James Kaufman founder of the 4C Model

Second, let’s start SMALL — micro actions are the first step to get out of a funk.

Third, get out a notepad because we’re about to get right to it!

From here OBSERVE your energy. Do you feel excited & inspired to try this mirco-action? Or does it feel overwhelming and energy draining?

If you are the latter, use this method for the TYPE of micro-action you decide on.

When you come to step 5, instead of choosing ONE micro-action, brainstorm a list of micro-actions that you can TAKE.

Make a list, use sticky notes, whatever your brainstorm of choice is.. & pick the one that FEELS the most exciting to you!

Today, I no longer work in the tech field but the lessons I learned here will always be invaluable to my coaching work now. This method of micro-actioning is something I use with my clients today.


Because it helps to measure what ACTUALLY sets our souls on fire, to find purpose and passion.

Try it out & let me know what you think!

I help you release stress, struggle, anxiety & trauma and welcome in more flow, ease & surrender through the power of breath. Instagram: @karishmadonde_

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