Everyone is creative & the more creativity we cultivate within ourselves the more it keeps coming to us

Most of my life I believed that I wasn’t a creative. I was depressed because of it.

I played piano for 8 years, but I hated it. I badly wanted to be…

Inhale: Deep State of Relaxation Exhale: Stress, Anxiety & Fear

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Did you know that every emotion you experience has an associated breath pattern?

Whether you are excited, anxious, calm, nervous, joyful, happy — your breath communicates how your body is feeling and gives you a way to shift how you…

Retraining our brains to live through love, light, freedom & abundance instead of scarcity, lack, limitation & fear.

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AI Robots are continuously trained and retrained to take inputs and create appropriate outputs/responses — believe it or not, our brains work the same way.

The brain takes our daily experiences, the reactions of people around us, our childhood background as inputs and creates an output for the best way…

An influencer’s life is an investment, just like any other startup

Karishma Donde “Selfie” taken by my photographer Cynthia

I got into the influencer game last year with no real rhyme or reason besides having the ability sell anything at the drop of a dime, and being a wanna be entrepreneur, this really appealed to me. …

An exploration by a certified binge-addict

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In today’s day and age binge watching is accepted as part of our culture. Though it may be laughable on the surface, at times, it can get in the way of achieving our dreams or the reason we fall into a depressed lull.


The Little Voice in my head is Guilt. And it’s not pretty.

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I used to go to therapy 3 years ago, and something we spoke about often was my guilt. A constant theme that would come up whether it was career, relationships, family or friends. …

Our bodies are tools, let’s use them wisely

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The truth is that we mask our self-hate through different outlets that we see as “normal”. For some of us, it’s our obsessive compulsive workout habits, dependent relationships or excessive skin care routines. Mine? Is the diet culture that surrounds and convinces…

Why we shouldn’t fully dismiss school

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New generations are quickly realizing that school may not be for them — that there are new developments in the digital economy where it isn’t a necessity anymore.

There have been times where I, too, have regretted being in student loan debt, and for…

Karishma Donde

I help you release stress, struggle, anxiety & trauma and welcome in more flow, ease & surrender through the power of breath. Instagram: @karishmadonde_

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