Everyone is creative & the more creativity we cultivate within ourselves the more it keeps coming to us

Most of my life I believed that I wasn’t a creative. I was depressed because of it.

I played piano for 8 years, but I hated it. I badly wanted to be a singer, poet, or dancer but it wasn’t my “talent”.

It made me wonder.. how did Albert Einstein & Darwin get the nicknames “creative genius” when, although their works were groundbreaking, were not related to art?

Creativity goes beyond the arts.

Somewhere along the generations, the true meaning of creativity…

Inhale: Deep State of Relaxation Exhale: Stress, Anxiety & Fear

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Did you know that every emotion you experience has an associated breath pattern?

Whether you are excited, anxious, calm, nervous, joyful, happy — your breath communicates how your body is feeling and gives you a way to shift how you feel at any given moment.

In today’s world it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our days: hustling, taking care of the kids, running errands…We are constantly in overdrive and never slow down to realize what is happening in our nervous systems.

It’s why 80% of the world is…

Retraining our brains to live through love, light, freedom & abundance instead of scarcity, lack, limitation & fear.

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AI Robots are continuously trained and retrained to take inputs and create appropriate outputs/responses — believe it or not, our brains work the same way.

The brain takes our daily experiences, the reactions of people around us, our childhood background as inputs and creates an output for the best way for us to survive in the world.

And while that may have served us when we were younger, it no longer has to serve us now as more evolved adults.

The brain is built for survival, works out of fear, keeps us out of dangerous situations, and is constantly in…

An influencer’s life is an investment, just like any other startup

Karishma Donde “Selfie” taken by my photographer Cynthia

I got into the influencer game last year with no real rhyme or reason besides having the ability sell anything at the drop of a dime, and being a wanna be entrepreneur, this really appealed to me. Could this really be an avenue to finally be the SHE-O I always dreamed of?


Two years prior, I watched detox teas and waist trainers being sold in mass quantities creating a cultural revolution and thought, “I could do that.”

It’s the same reason I also started my fashion blog in…

Just graduated college & don’t want to move back in with your parents? These are the exact hacks I used to land my first job within a month of graduation!

1. Visit your Local Career Center

You’re probably wondering what a career center is, and why you should visit one when the one you went to in college was totally useless. Right?

But this one is different.. every city has one and it’s suppperrr supported by the government. That means government funding for training, certifications, and much more. They even help you write a resume, guide you if you have a small business that you are…

An exploration by a certified binge-addict

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In today’s day and age binge watching is accepted as part of our culture. Though it may be laughable on the surface, at times, it can get in the way of achieving our dreams or the reason we fall into a depressed lull.

My friend once told me that if I wanted to stop feeling depressed to stop watching television — but that’s easier said than done in the age of the binge.

Binge is a form of escapism — something we do as a treat to reward ourselves at the end of a…

The Little Voice in my head is Guilt. And it’s not pretty.

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I used to go to therapy 3 years ago, and something we spoke about often was my guilt. A constant theme that would come up whether it was career, relationships, family or friends. The advice that was given to me was, “set boundaries so you don’t feel obligated to doing things you don’t want to do.”

For me, guilt is a trait that is embedded within my DNA. For years I have let guilt control many things but especially my relationships/friendships.

They say that how you were treated…

Our bodies are tools, let’s use them wisely

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The truth is that we mask our self-hate through different outlets that we see as “normal”. For some of us, it’s our obsessive compulsive workout habits, dependent relationships or excessive skin care routines. Mine? Is the diet culture that surrounds and convinces us that abusing our bodies is okay. The thinking that our bodies are mold-able and changeable at any given moment.

“Health is wealth”, a phrase that is often drilled into our heads, but what does that really mean? A lot of times we equate health to looking a certain way…

Can technology help bring awareness to consumers?

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It sucks that in this day in age, we have to question everything we consume from the food we eat to the clothes that we wear. Thanks to the internet, we have learned that all around us we are surrounded by deathly, cancer causing chemicals that we can’t escape from. We are slowly realizing that our buying habits promote unethical working conditions for others or create repercussions to mother earth.

Though there is substantial information, there are still relevant facts about most industries where transparency is lacking. …

Why we shouldn’t fully dismiss school

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New generations are quickly realizing that school may not be for them — that there are new developments in the digital economy where it isn’t a necessity anymore.

There have been times where I, too, have regretted being in student loan debt, and for what? To be honest, the 9 skill niche certifications I have is what probably has landed me jobs — not my undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University.

Did I retain any real-life skills from college? 99% of my answer is no but 1% of my answer is yes.


Karishma Donde

I help you release stress, struggle, anxiety & trauma and welcome in more flow, ease & surrender through the power of breath. Instagram: @karishmadonde_

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